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Pilot Training Incat Holding is a real flight school?

YES! The pilot Training Pilot Training Incat Holding was founded on April, 2009 under the initiative of a aviation group of very experienced captains, having the sole objective of favoring the development of value added services for the aviation. The company began its activity on pilots training and after few months started to develop ACMI services for Airlines.

What is the focus of Pilot Training Incat Holding school?

The company's focus is on the needs of its customers. Pilot Training Incat Holding aim is to be the best aviation service provider in Europe, measured in terms of service level, quality and price combined. Impartial quality checks are carried out continuously to monitor that our aviation services and training centers always live up to our high quality standards. Learn to fly professionally. Our main training base is in Cyprus Larnaca Airport (LCLK)

What kind of electronic device need to do the training quizzes ?

You can do the quizzes on all devices like a Laptop, smartphone, tablets, ipad, iphone, etc... you just need a internet connection .

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